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7 Tips On How To Boost Your iPhone Battery Life


It is not fun to have an expensive iPhone that runs out of battery often. Imagine yourself in a remote place where you can hardly recharge your battery. You may not have the privilege of enjoy the fun that comes with the device. However, there are ways in which you can reduce power consumption intensity in your iPhone. You do not have to break your device or switch to another brand due to high power consumption.

Here are strategies you should try:

  1. Do Not Quit Apps

There has been a popular myth that quitting apps on your iPhone is an effective way of sparing battery power. This is wrong. What happens once you quit apps is that you relieve the memory. Once you reload the apps, power consumption will go up. In this regard, leaving the apps alone is better than reloading them.

  1. Switch To Low-Power Mode

What most iPhone users do not know is that the device has a mode designed to spare battery power. Just switch your iPhone to low-power mode and you will have no trouble with the battery. What happens is that your iPhone will shut down the apps not being used currently hence sparing power.

  1. Confirm Battery Usage

Did you know that your iPhone provides insights and statistics on how battery power is being consumed? You can simply check how battery power runs when your device is on standby or usage mode. That way, you can decide on the best way to use your battery.

  1. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

If you did not know, constant downloads in your iPhone are bound to kill your battery before you even know it. In fact, this happens out of your knowledge since downloads are automated. To spare yourself all the hustle, avoid activating automatic downloads in your iPhone. Only download apps when needed and not haphazardly.

  1. Control Screen Brightness

You do not have to keep your screen so bright. You can cope with reduced brightness, right? It might interest you to know that the more your iPhone screen remains bright, the more battery power will be consumed. This means that you should consider lowering the brightness of your screen to a considerable level especially when you are away from a power source.

  1. Reduce The Span of Your Auto-lock

While most people think that screen lock does not have anything to do with battery power consumption, the contrary is the case. However, this does not mean that you should not keep your screen locked. It is recommended that you keep your screen lock span long, say 5 minutes, as opposed to short.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi

 We are not trying to imply that Wi-Fi is bad. It is in fact a source of fun in your iPhone. However, you do not have to keep your Wi-Fi active all the time. It is only logical to turn off your Wi-Fi when you do not need it. Consumption of battery power can be really high if you keep your Wi-Fi feature on.