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How to Set up / Enable Email Accounts on iPhone And iPad


Right after you have bought your iPhone or iPad, it is definitely necessary to link your email accounts to it. Thankfully, iPhone and iPads give room for several email address accounts. This means that you cannot only add one but several. Actually, iphone or iPad allows for different email service providers. It could be yahoo, google, or iCloud among others.

But the question is…how do you go about the process of adding a new email account to your iPhone or iPad? Here are simple and precise steps that you should follow when adding an email account to your iPhone or iPad:

#Step 1: Go To Settings

Begin the process by tapping the setting feature on your home screen. You can also go to the main menu and tap settings. It is here that you will access the accounts settings.

#Step 2: Go To Mail, Contacts, or Calendar

Now this is the exact point where you will find the accounts settings. The option of located under settings. The location of this option will depend on how your iPhone apps are organized. Some may feature the option at the top, others somewhere in the middle, and others at the bottom. Whichever the case, just open the Mail, Contacts, or Calendar options.

#Step 3: Open Accounts

Now that you are already under Mail, Contacts, or Calendar, it is now time to open the accounts option. The option is meant for email accounts hence this is where your focus should be. Just tap on the accounts option to open.

#Step 4: Add Account

There is an option labeled ‘add account’. This is the one that you should open. By simply tapping on the option, you will have activated the process of account addition. Once you tap on the option, you will be asked to choose the email service provider. If yours is Google, then tap on exactly that. The same case should apply to those who use different email service providers.

#Step 5: Provide Logins

Once you select the email service provider of your choice, you will be asked to provide your login information. In the case of Google, you will be asked to provide email address first then your password. The same case applies to other email service providers.  Each time you complete one step, tap ‘next’ to proceed.

#Step 6: Save

Once you are sure that all the steps have been successfully completed, it is now time to save. The right hand corner of your screen provides you with the saving option. Just tap on that option and your account details will be saved.

#Step 7: Access Account

Upon saving everything, you are now at liberty to access your email account. You can simply use the designated access app on your menu to open your emails. You can as well change email settings right from your iPhone or iPad through the same apps.

Note: You can decide to remove email fro your iPhone. Follow the same process indicated above and choose to ‘remove account’