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How To Privately Browse On Your iPhone Via Safari


Gone are the days when you would require an added application in your iPhone so that you can browse privately. Safari today does not require any application extension to allow you browse privately. All you need is unearthing the feature dedicated to private browsing. However, it must be noted that turning off private browsing is important especially when password leveraging is necessary.

What is the idea behind private browsing? Perhaps there is a site or address that does not allow you to access it due to location or other related reasons. Perhaps you intend to do some scouring while keeping your privacy. All this demands that you hide your identity. It is a benefit to access some of the addresses online without revealing your true identity.

However, in as much as you would want to browse privately on your Safari Browser, you should also realize some of the limitations and dangers of doing so. Some of the sites deny access to anonymous surfers and this means that you may not enjoy all the liberty you need. Secondly, anonymous browsing is usually associated with ill-motives and this may land you into trouble with the law should something quire be noticed about your online activity. The bottom line is that you should weigh your reasons of browsing anonymously.

Here are directions on how you can browse privately on Safari using your iPhone:

#1 Open The Browser

Just go to the main menu of your iPhone and look for Safari Browser. It is among the first icons you will come across on the display screen. Tap the app to open it. Once you open the Safari Browser, go directly to the tabbed browsing icon, usually in the form of overwrapped rectangles, located at the lower right corner of your iPhone. Again go ahead and tap the rectangles to open. If you are using an iPad, then look for the rectangles at the top right corner of the browser.

#2 Select Private

Now that you have opened the tabbed browsing icon, it is now time to go straight to the feature that will enable you to browse privately. Look around and select one of the options labeled ‘private’. Upon selecting this, you will be ready to surf as much as you can without revealing your identity.

#3 Open A New Tab

Once you have activated the ‘private’ feature, you can go ahead and begin surfing. On your Safari Browser, there is a plus sign located at the top. The feature allows you to add more tabs to your browser as you access several pages at a go. Click the plus sign and type the address that you intend to access. All this will be done without concealing your identity.

Note: To turn your private browsing, you will just follow the same process. Just make sure that the ‘private’ feature is deactivated. It is necessary to turn off private browsing once you are done accessing the pages you wanted.