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5 Things That The iPhone Health App Can Do For You


It is just amazing how Apple has gone a step further to mind the health of users. If you are an iPhone owner, then you are assured of a better way of monitoring your health from any place of your choice. Don’t you think this is a great thing for you? Maybe you are not aware of the things that the iPhone Health App can do. Here you go:

Tracking Your Steps

 You do not need to be told that walking is healthy for your body. Do you? One of the key things that the iPhone health app can do is tracking your steps. With the app, you can count the number of steps that you have made in a day. You can tell if the steps you have made are healthy for you or not.

Health Data At A Glance

 It is not always an easy task to organize your health data  in an orderly manner. In fact, most people may not be in a position to present the said data to their medics upon demand. However, if you have an iPhone, then there is absolutely no problem with that. You are at liberty to keep your health data as organized as possible. Among the things that you can organize with the help of this app include fitness, nutrition, sleep, lab results, and other related things.

Emergency Contact Cards

 What happens in an instance of health emergency and your iPhone is locked? Perhaps your health condition does not allow you to operate the phone. You do not have anything to worry about. The emergency contact cards feature enables any other person to access your critical details and the contacts of close ones even when your iPhone is locked. That way, you will be attended to by your doctor as usual and without any inconveniences.

Connectivity With Doctors

 Did you know that Apple entered into a deal with Mayo Clinic? What is the deal all about? It is simply meant to enhance connectivity between doctors and patients. In this case, if you are a loyal client of Mayo Clinic, you can always keep in touch with your doctor through the app. Doctors can send treatment recommendation to their contacts any time. The patient can also communicate with the doctor regarding any health complications they are going through. In other words, your health is kept in check by your doctor.

Lung and Heart Health Tracking

 How well is your lung and heart functioning? We must admit that these are among the critical body parts that should be kept on check. The good thing about iPhone is that it gives room for such tracking. You can tell how well your lungs and heart are functioning. The app is able to track your heartbeat and communicate if there are potential faults. Aside from that, the app is able to track your breathing frequency. This enables you to know if your lungs are in good shape.