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iPhone 7 Jailbreaking: Why You Should Never Try It.


Of course Apple is very exclusive when it comes to development of iOS. Their operating systems do not allow just any other installation. There has to be a certain degree of compatibility for a particular application to be accepted in your iPhone 7. However, there seems to be a new way of maneuvering through the strict iOS as used in iPhone 7.

Today, it is possible to jailbreak your iPhone 7. This means that you can turn your iPhone 7 into a versatile device that gives access to different applications even those that have been restricted in original apple devices.

Apple as a company does not appreciate the practice of jail breaking iPhone 7 and other devices. This is why there are downsides associated with the act. As a way of protecting the originality and authenticity of Apple devices, in this case iPhone 7, the company imposes some defects on devices that have been jailbroken.

So, which are some of the reasons why jailbreaking of iPhone 7 is not the best idea:

Slow Response

 The very first reason behind discouragement of jailbreaking iPhone 7 is slow response. Imagine operating an iPhone 7 that is pathetically low in terms of response. This can be a real challenge.

It should be noted that jailbreaking means tampering with the hardware operation. In most cases, a jail broken iPhone lacks synchronization between hardware and this means that the response may be really slow or abnormal. There are cases where some of the hardware in iPhone 7 may end up failing to function as a result of jailbreaking.

Battery Inefficiency

 This is the second downside of jailbreaking your iPhone 7. Arguably, a jailbroken iPhone 7 is less efficient in terms of battery power as compared to one that is not jailbroken. This implies that you should be ready to experience a chain of challenges with your battery power once you opt for jailbreaking option.

The ultimate results will be a dead battery. Needless to say, it will cost you more money to replace your battery. This is definitely not what you want.

Software Update Problems

The fact that you have jailbroken your iPhone 7 does not mean that you will not be in need of iOS apps. At one point or the other, you might want to update the already existing iPhone 7 apps. In case you have jailbroken your device, it might prove challenging to make the regular updates on the authentic and native iOS apps.

A jailbroken iPhone 7 denies the user the chance to apply for new iOS updates.  This simply means that you will be compelled to use imported apps only.

Void Warranty

Jailbreaking is considered as tampering with the authenticity of a device. In the case of iPhone 7, your warranty on the device will be rendered void as soon as you jailbreak it. This means that should anything happen to the device, no coverage or compensation by the company will apply.


It is clear that there is a couple of downsides associated with jailbreaking any apple device. To avoid any of the above inconveniences, it would be best if you operated an un-tampered iPhone 7. You will love the experience.