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5 Ways To Improve Productivity Using iPhone 7


Perhaps your primary aim of buying an iPhone 7 was to do business. If that is the case, then you are not lost. Why? This is for the simple fact that there are so many features that come with iPhone 7 whose only role is to increase your productivity. So, what are you waiting for?

Here are some of the things you can do with your iPhone 7 that can boost your productivity remarkably:

  1. Prioritize Your Important Contacts

Did you know what the VIP feature in the iOS Mail provides you with a better way of organizing your contacts based on importance? Now you know! With the feature, you can put all your important contacts in one folder such that you will be receiving notifications whenever a message from the said contacts comes. You do not have to stay confused with so many contacts that are typically inactive. Rather, you can simply filter them.

  1. Send Documents From Your iPhone 7

It is obvious that any business will require documentation either from clients to the business or vice versa. In that case, your iPhone 7 can help you out. All you need is to send your documents via mail using the device. iPhone 7 allows you to attach documents right from your archives to the mail feature. You can then send to the designated recipient. You can attach as many documents as you can.

  1. Save Drafts

Perhaps there is a reason why you have not completed typing out your emails. Perhaps you have to wait for an attachment before sending the email. This does not mean that the draft you have already written will go to waste. You can simply save the draft in iOS mail and retrieve them when you are ready to send to your stipulated recipients.

  1. Set Location-Based Reminders

This comes as an even more convenient feature especially for those who attend meetings in different locations. You do not have to hassle in setting your reminders. iPhone 7 gives you the liberty to set your reminders based on location. For example, if you are planning to host a meeting in a particular town, all you need is to customize your reminder such that when that time comes, you can simply know where you are supposed to head. You can get different tones for each location for the purpose of certainty.

  1. Reschedule Events

For one reason or the other, you might not be in a position to attend some events. This means that the reminders you had earlier set will require rescheduling. Fortunately, iPhone 7 comes with the feature that is meant to help the user reschedule meetings and events. All you need is to head to your iPhone 7 Calendar and make the changes that you need. You will be in a position to tune the date and everything else that has to do with reminding you on the upcoming events. Your preferences will be the ones to dictate the setup.