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Things You Did Not Know About iPhone 7


It is definitely a great thing that you have decided to pamper yourself with an iPhone 7. In utmost sincerity, this is among the most appealing devices that you can have. The quality linked to Apple as a company cannot be doubted whatsoever. You should be ready for a great experience with your new iPhone 7.

However, it is necessary to ask yourself if you really know much about your iPhone 7. Did you know that the gadget has too much to offer? Did you know that there are a lot of things about the device that you did not know in the first place? Well, it is about time you understood everything about iPhone 7.

Here is a sneak preview of the things that you might not have known about iPhone 7:

  1. No Much Difference With iPhone 7 Plus

If by any chance you thought that buying an iPhone 7 plus is an upgrade, the contrary may be the case especially for those whose current gadget is iPhone 7. Truth be told: there is no much difference between the two. The exterior design of both models is so much alike. The kind of applications that come with the two models also tally heavily. In other words, you should not expect so much from iPhone 7 plus that iPhone 7 cannot offer.

  1. Better Battery Life

If your reason behind migrating from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 was all about battery life, then you have made the best score. Well, it is not the practice of the Apple company to reveal the exact size of their phone batteries. However, it is believed that the battery size of iPhone 6 is far much higher as compared to the battery size of the predecessors. What does this mean? It simply implies that you should expect a longer battery life with your new iPhone 7. The experience will, of course, be better.

  1. Even More Storage Space

It is about time you kissed that 16 GB era goodbye. The iPhone 7 makes an advent with more storage space just for you. It is no longer a hassle to store as many files as you can in your mobile phone especially now that you have decided to switch from your regular iPhone 6 plus to iPhone 7. Guess what? You will have a whooping 32GB storage space all to yourself. You will agree that this is more than enough space for you. Right?

  1. Clearer Pictures

I know you will love to hear about this. The camera power as featured by the iPhone 7 is far much better as compared to the other models that came before. While some people may consider 12MP as just mere for such a gadget, the contrary is the case. What most people fail to acknowledge is that the camera is 60% faster as compared to the predecessor. Aside from that, the camera is 30% more energy efficient.


Well, now you know something new about iPhone 7. The truth is that the gadget is better. Apple certainly knows how to beef up their products and to make everything perfect for the users.