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7 Things You Should Do To Make Your iPhone Respond And Load Faster


You now have an iPhone, right? But did you know that there are things that can turn your expensive device pathetically slow? Yes! You heard me right. Any iPhone is prone to slow response especially when not used in the right way. In fact, it can even breakdown over time. What does this tell you? It simply means that you have to be very keen when handling and using your iPhone.

In case you have realized that the response of your iPhone is getting slower by the day, here are some of the thing that you can do to turn things around:

  1. Switch Off Automatic App Updates

In most cases, Apple devices come with their automatic update feature on. Most people forget to turn off the said feature not knowing that it could be the reason behind slow response in the future. Make sure that you turn off the automatic update feature and only use it what very necessary.

  1. Disable Location Services

It should occur to you that location services tend to be so demanding on your iPhone. It become hard for your iPhone to respond faster since most of the energy is channeled to that. In this regard, you should make sure that location services are turned off.

  1. Uninstall Old Apps

The functionality of apps in an iPhone keep turning bad as time passes. This means that if you installed a particular app one year back, chances are that it is not in its best operation now. This may turn your iPhone’s response slow. You should therefore consider removing old apps from your phone.

  1. Clear Caches

In as much as you want to browse tirelessly in your Safari Browser, there is great need in clearing your caches often.  It has been revealed that failure to clear caches may be one of the possible reasons why your iPhone is responding slowly.

  1. Close Backup Apps

There is nothing wrong in having backup apps. However, it is recommended that you close them once in a while since keeping them open constantly may amount to slow response of your device. You can leave just a few of them active.

  1. Clear Your Text Logs

Yes! So many old texts in your iPhone could also be one of the reasons behind slow response. So, what are you supposed to do? It is easy! All you need is to clear all old text messages in your iPhone. In fact, you can set automatic deletion of texts based on how old they are. That will spare you constant hustles.

  1. Clear old Photos and Videos

Here is yet another very reason why iPhones respond slowly. It is possible that you love keeping a record of videos and photos in your iPhone. However, you can always do your backup elsewhere. Just make sure that od videos and photos are deleted from your iPhone since this will help in speeding up the performance of the device.