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How To Delete Single or Many Contacts On Your iPhone


Maybe you want to give your mom the old iPhone you have been using so that you can switch to a new one. Or maybe all you want is an upgrade. Either way, there is no need to leave your old contacts right in your iPhone. You will have to delete them. The question is… do you have to delete contacts one by one? Of course not! This will be time consuming. How about the case of deleting just one or two contacts? How will you go about it?

iPhone  comes with an easier way of clearing the contacts that you do not want at a go. You do not have to waste so much time on this since all can be done in just a single button strike. How amazing can iPhone get?

Wondering how you can achieve multiple deletions of contacts? Let us star with the simple procedure of deleting one contact:

How To Delete A Single Contact On iPhone

  1. Open the contacts

Just go to the main menu of your iPhone and trace the icon labeled ‘contacts’. Open the icon and look for the contact that you intend to delete. Everything is organized in an alphabetical order hence it is easy to retrieve a single contact.

2. Open The Contact

Now that you have traced the contact, you will have to open it. Just tap on the contact and it will open all the details in that regard.

3. Delete Contact

Upon opening the targeted contact, look for the ‘edit’ button located and the upper right corner of the display screen. Once the edit options open, scroll down and tap on ‘delete’. You will have to tap on ‘delete’ once again to prompt the deletion.

How To Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

  1. Open Settings

Look for the ‘settings’ icon on your iPhone home menu. Tap on the ‘settings’ icon to open. Among the options you will find include ‘icloud’. This is the feature that will guide you on how to delete multiple contacts at a go.

2. Sign in

Once you open the iCloud option, you will be required to sign in. In this case, you will have to use your Apple Identity to access your iCloud account. Here, you should go directly to the contacts.

3. Select and Delete

Once the contacts have successfully displayed, you can hold-on to one of the contacts and activate the ‘select’ feature. Mark all the contacts that you intend to delete. Once satisfied with your selection, you can now strike the ‘delete’ button. That will prompt deletion of all contacts that have been selected.

Note: If you want to delete all contacts and clear any details connected to such, then you can simply go to the ‘restore factory’ settings on your iPhone. Once you confirm that you indeed want to restore factory, all data including contacts will be deleted leaving your device as good as new. This is usually recommended for those who intend to sell their iPhones.