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How to Barred and Block Calls from Unknown Callers ID on Your iPhone


It is unfortunate that you intend to block someone, whether known or unknown. Well, before you do so, it is necessary to be certain since you could be losing an important client. That is not our problem though. You came here in search for an answer on how you can block unknown contacts via your iPhone. We will help.

Before that, you must be aware that the process of blocking a contact is not complex at all for iPhone users. Secondly, if you consider unblocking your blocked contacts, you can always do so by reversing the whole process. So, which are the steps that you must follow in blocking one or many contacts on your iPhone?

Step #1

Go to the list of your recent calls. This can be simply retrieved through the call icon. When you access the recent calls, you will be able to trace the number or name that you intend to block. The list of recent calls presents to you all call records based on the time they were made and the contacts. This is where you will get all the names or numbers that you would like to block.

Step #2

Once you get to the list of recent calls, you are now the one to select that number that you intend to block. Upon deciding which the number is, look for an ‘I’ label located by the side of the said number. The ‘i’ symbol indicates the information and details of the targeted contact. Tap on the aforementioned label and open the respective details. You will come across numerous details in connection with the number. Scroll down and look for the ‘block this caller’ option. It is usually located right at the bottom of the option list.

Step #3

Now that you have opted for ‘block this caller’ option, it is now time to confirm your decision. Your iPhone will ask you if you are indeed sure that you want to block the contact in question. If you are not sure, then you will just have cancel the operation. If you are sure, just hit the confirm button and the whole thing will be done.

That is all you have to do in blocking unwanted contacts. Remember that this can be undone by just following the same process and then unblocking the respective contacts. The good news is that once you block a contact, no calls, texts, Face Time or any other form of contact will take place in connected to the person who has been blocked.