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5 Incredible Things You Did Not Know iPhone 7 Can Do


It is a great thing that you have already bought yourself an iPhone 7. But have you stopped at one point and wondered what the device can do? Trust me, there are so many things that this device can do. It is just that Apple as a company never took time to tell you about the entire integration of the device. Get ready for a big surprise since this is not just any other device.

Here are among the things that you did not know iPhone 7 can do:

  1. To start a New Sentence, Double Tap The Spacebar

Now this is a prime scorecard for those who anticipate to create documents using their iPhone 7. What you did not know is that you do not have to hassle in order to create a new sentence. The device is made in a way that all you are supposed to do is double tapping on the space bar. What happens is that iPhone 7 will add a period and the a space once you double-tap the spacebar.

  1. Screenshot

Most people wonder how possible is it to capture some of the moments on the web and other places. It is very simple. All you need is to take a screenshot of the event that you intend to capture. But how do you do this? All you need is holding onto the home button along with the power button. Note that this must be done simultaneously. Upon doing so, the current display on your phone will be taken as a photo and saved in the gallery. Such a simple exercise. Right?

  1. Faster Charging On Airplane Mode

Having trouble when charging your iPhone 7? It is understandable that the device consumes a lot of power through applications and general functionality. However, this should not be a problem since there is a way of charging your iPhone 7 faster. All you need is to switch your gadget into the airplane mode. Once you have done that, your iPhone 7 will start charging faster. It will take less than one hour to fully charge the battery.

  1. The Miracle Shaking

For one reason or the other, you might make a mistake when writing an email, texting, or editing a photo. What should you do in such a case? All you need is to shake your iPhone 7. The aftermath is a clear display of your progress. In other words, you will be provided with the chance to now edit your mistake. A simple shake will display all the mistakes that you want edited.

  1. Teach Siri The Right Pronunciation

It is just amazing that you can teach your iPhone 7 how to pronounce some words. With the help of Siri, you can dictate how particular words are pronounced. All you need is to wait for Siri to state the word that you want. If you are not ok with the pronunciation, then just state ‘that’s not how you pronounce…’ Upon doing that, Siri will get back to the drawing board and provide you with more suggestions. Amazing!


Now you know that iPhone 7 has more than you ever thought. Just develop a craving of knowing the device further and you will love it all the way.