Wednesday , 16 April 2014

GLO Data Subscription Codes For iPhones and iPads

Recently i wrote a post on MTN data subscription and felt that GLO Data Subscription codes should not be left out too. Though i don’t find the data plans better than that of MTN, they can still be an alternative if the service quality is better in your area. Below is a table containing plan names, price, data allowance, validity period and activation codes.

Plan Name Price Data Cap Validity Period Code
Instant Surf   N100 13MB   24 Hours *127*51#
One Week   N400 65MB    7 days *127*52#
Always Micro   N1,000 260MB    30 days  *127*53#
Always Macro   N3,000 1.5 GB    30 days *127*54#
G work   N6,000 4GB    30 days *127*6#

NOTE: The above information might be subject to changes whenever GLO deems fit to do so, i would try as much as possible to update this information whenever there is a change.

You can also send Menu to 127 via text message to get additional details about GLO Data Subscription Codes for iPhones/iPads and smartphones in general.

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