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10 iPhone Apps You Should Try 2016


It is always a great achievement to buy an iPhone. After all, this is the model that seems to rule over the world. It falls under the apple brand. However, in as much as you want to have an iPhone, there are some things that you must have to ensure that you enjoy maximum fun. There are so many apps that you need to be familiar with for the purpose of ease in using your iPhone. The great thing is that there are so many apps designed for such devices hence it is for you to make your ultimate choice.

Here are 10 apps that you must aim at installing in your iPhone:

  1. Umano

Perhaps you are a lazy bone when it comes to reading articles. This should not be much of a worry to you. It is possible to just listen to your articles through your iPhone. All you need is Umano. The app enables users to simply listen to articles instead of reading.

  1. Prismatic

It is possible to unearth information using your iPhone based on your interests. How is this done? All you need is the Prismatic app. It is designed to enable users search for their topics of interest. This makes it possible to get stories that are in line with the popularity of a certain post.

  1. TalkTo

If your intention is to use iPhone for business purposes, then here is the app that you should be in the hunt for. With TalkTo, it is possible to engage in interactions with millions of clientsĀ  in US and Canada.

  1. Glympse

You do not have to call your friends while driving just to let them know your location. All you need is Glympse. It is designed to send links to your friends, notifying them on your whereabouts.

  1. Sunrise Calendar

Planning to meet with someone? You can have everything organized using this app. The best thing about the app is that you can identify the person you are meeting with by checking their faces. You can also forecast weather using the same app based on location.

  1. Clarity

If you have an issue with a part of your business, Clarity can help. The app is more of a consultancy that allows users to ask questions on certain issues on business and get respective answers.

  1. Fun Run

An iPhone without games is certainly boring. Fun Run should be among your preferred games. Your 5-year old child will love the game. Although online based, the game works just fine for any iPhone.

  1. Revel

Combine the experience of Bingo and Scavenger hunt scenarios in one game. Revel is what you should try. It is the type that compels you to play all night long.

  1. Cut Me In

The app enables you to crop your photos and edit out what you do not want. You can cut yourself out of the original photo and place yourself in a better background.

  1. Momentage

It is possible to combine moments in photos using this app. Both videos and photos can be easily combined and shared to other people for fun. Photo and video fun has never been this cool.